MortgageDepot is the leading mortgage brokerage firm of choice for home buyers and sellers in Rego Park, Queens, NY. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or real estate investor, MortgageDepot will provide you with a variety of mortgage financing options available to you for your financial goals of homeownership in Rego Park. MortgageDepot is devoted to assisting first time home buyers, real estate investors, and business owners to secure the necessary financing for residential and commercial properties, especially co-operatives and condominiums in the community of Rego Park.

If your goal is to purchase a condominium or co-op in Rego Park, make MortgageDepot your brokerage of choice. If you’d like to buy a commercial condo property for your business, MortgageDepot can also secure financing options for those too!

At MortgageDepot even if you have a less than a stellar credit rating and previous issues have negatively impacted it, you still have many mortgage options available for you to qualify for a home, condo, co-op, or commercial loan. At MortgageDepot, we are mindful that credit issues aren’t always an indication of financial irresponsibility. Anything from a sudden catastrophic illness or a death in the family can result in a foreclosure, a bankruptcy, a short sale, or any variety of other issues can cause your credit rating to go down.

If your goal is buying a new home, co-op or condo after a credit issue in Rego Park, contact MortgageDepot immediately to learn which programs are available to you and to get pre-qualified with the best mortgage product that matches your needs. This pre-qualification process is straightforward and easy, and you could quickly learn whether you meet the current requirements and guidelines to qualify for a home mortgage to purchase a condo or co-op in the Rego Park, Queens, NY, community.

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