A VA Loan does more than lower your monthly payment; it actually helps you save money over the long run because of the low interest rates. If you are a qualified veteran looking to purchase or refinance your existing VA Loan, then you should definitely learn more about the program benefits. The amount of money you save certainly speaks for itself, so it is important to learn more about saving money through the VA.

Ways to Save with VA Loans

One of the best ways to save money is through the down payment. Did you know that most of the loans require very little or no money down, talk about saving money, that is certainly a great way to save. You also save money at closing by paying very little closing costs and fees. Conventional loans are very expensive to fully close, and VA Loans are certainly the exception to that rule. The only thing you might have to pay is the loan funding fee, and often times that fee is waived. So you can see that you save a large amount of money in closing costs. Interest rates alone are a great way to save money. For the most part, the loan only consists of the prime rate, which at present is running around 3.5 percent. Conventional loans with less than perfect credit can run anywhere from 7 to 10 percent. You can plainly see there are huge savings in the interest rate alone.

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If you are looking into VA Loans and are not sure where to start, talk our experts. We are a respected mortgage firm in New York State. We have a team of professionals that help you to fully maximize your savings through VA based loans.

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