Sure, we love those prime SBA deals, but who doesn’t? Our SBA program is perfect for SBA loans turned down by other lenders.

Does your client’s business make money but was rejected by an SBA lender because of low credit, a past BK, back taxes or a similar reason?

SBA Parameters

Loans secured by businesses and business occupied real estate (>50%) only

  • Loans from $250,000 to $5,000,000+
  • No Restricted Industries (except those the SBA deems ineligible)
  • No Property Type Restrictions (even land as collateral is acceptable)
  • No Credit Score Minimum (>580 preferred)
  • Past BKs, Foreclosures and Back Income Taxes on Payment Plans Ok
  • No Collateral Requirement, Business Only Loans Ok
  • No Geographic Restrictions and No Population Minimums

SBA Terms

  • Quarterly Adjustable Rates Starting at Prime + 1.25 (4.75%)
  • 5 Year Fixed Rates Priced at 5.75%
  • 25 Year Fixed Rates Priced at 7.75%
  • 25 Year Amortizations and 5%, 3%, 1% PPP on Real Estate Loans
  • 10 Year Amortizations and No PPP on Business Only Loans
  • LTV’s up to 90% on Generic and Semi-Generic Property Types
  • LTV’s up to 85% on Special Purpose Properties Types (Hotels, etc.)

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