Our SIVA (stated income verified assets) program is designed for High Net Worth Highly Qualified borrowers, with 700 minimum credit score, Owner Occupied, and Second Home only.

The program is designed for self-employed borrowers only and it is a Jumbo loan program. Minimum loan amount is $548,250 and we go up to $2 million dollars. SFR ( single family residence) and PUD’s (private unite developments) only are allowed for this SIVA program. $822,375 min net worth requirement.

We will request 6 months Personal Bank Statements to support the amount of income you stated on the loan application.

If you are a self – employed borrower and are having difficulty getting mortgage financing you need to give us a call and perhaps we would be able to help with a True no income verification mortgage or a 12-month bank statement. call us at (800) 220-LOAN.

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