Did You know that conventional and FHA differ on the omission of contingent liabilities from the Borrower’s debt ratios?

Fannie Mae and Freddie both allow the omission of NON-MORTGAGE debt from the Borrower’s debt ratios IF:

  • A party other then the Borrower has been making the payments in a timely manner and have 12 months of cancelled checks ( or bank statements) in their name only then that debt may be excluded from the Borrower’s qualify debt ratios.
  • FHA on NON-MORTGAGE debt REQUIRES that the party that is making the payments be obligated on the debt along with the Borrower.
  • All three Agencies agree that any debt paid by a self employed Borrower’s business MUST be listed as an expense on the business tax return as a line item AND 12 months proof that the business paying for it.

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