MortgageDepot’s youngest Mortgage Loan Originator Cindy Chen’s latest closing is a perfect example of our dedication to finding the best mortgage products for our client’s needs. A Jamaica Estates resident was seeking to refinance his single-family home and had several challenges that needed addressing before qualifying for refinancing for his property.

This particular client was facing a combination of an accumulation of revolving debt of $275,000, in addition to his primary housing expenses. His total monthly expenditures were a whopping $7,215. A part of those expenses included a professional office on the premises.

Financial challenges are not uncommon for someone that wants to refinance their home. Mortgage Loan Officer Cindy Chen was successful in matching the client with a mortgage product that accommodates each of our client’s needs.

MortgageDepot was able to refinance all of his debts, including his housing, his revolving consumer debts in addition to his closing costs into a monthly payment of $3,488.36! And the best benefit of all is that he gets his mortgage interest rate deduction and the bonus of walking away at closing with $24,000 to spend as he sees fit!

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