The team of experienced mortgage loan originators at MortgageDepot believes the VA Streamline Refinance Loan, officially known as the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan, is the sensible option for people who purchased their homes with VA financing. We help you to lower your monthly mortgage payments by lowering your interest rate.

Features of a VA Streamline Refinance Loan

Our mortgage loan originators work with borrowers to qualify for the benefits offered by this refinancing option backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Included among the features of this refinance program are the following:

  • Quick and simple application and origination process
  • Reduced documentation and income verification requirements
  • Option to include closing costs and fees in the loan
  • Ability to get a fixed-rate loan to replace an adjustable interest rate
  • Reuses VA entitlement
  • Up to $6,000 allowed to borrower for energy-efficient improvements

Simplified eligibility requirements

The mortgage loan originators at MortgageDepot use our experience with VA financing to assist homeowners to take full advantage of the benefits offered by streamline refinancing. Eligibility requirements are simplified because borrowers were previously approved for VA financing with their original mortgage loans. Some of the eligibility requirements include:

  • Property must already be financed with a VA loan
  • Current mortgage must be current
  • Only one late payment of up to 30 days within past year
  • Refinance must result in a lower monthly payment

Borrowers do not need to obtain a certificate of eligibility because one was already issued for the loan currently on the property.

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