To date, 2021 has been a challenging year in the mortgage industry. Between the wild demand for mortgages and the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have on the industry, this has been a notable year. However, there is still plenty of life left in the current year. What should you expect from the mortgage industry over the next few months?

Low Inventory
The mortgage industry is directly impacted by the housing market. In the housing market, you can expect a continuation of lower inventory coupled with rising real estate prices. This has created a competitive market in many areas of the country. While the market has shown some signs of cooling in recent weeks, the market should continue to remain hot. With this in mind, you can expect the strong demand for mortgages to continue.

Fluctuating Interest Rates
Interest rates have fluctuated over the last few months, but they have continued to remain low. This has spurred numerous refinance loan requests. While interest rates will continue to fluctuate throughout the rest of the year, they are expected to remain low. This can drive a steady supply of refinance loan applications.

Increased Use of Technology
The mortgage industry has been slow to adopt technologies, but this is changing. Everything from application procedures to recruiting processes are evolving in response to the pandemic. It takes time to adopt new technologies, so you can expect this trend to continue in the months ahead.

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