At MortgageDepot, our lenders are willing to work with any curveball that a borrower might throw at them. Whether you have minimal cash for a down payment, a nontraditional income source or another unique situation, we will find a solution.

MortgageDepot: A NY Mortgage Broker With a Personalized Approach

With so many mortgage products available, it doesn’t make sense to take a cookie-cutter approach with our clients. While many borrowers will easily qualify for conventional mortgage programs, many will not, and that’s OK!

We treat each client as an individual, and this personalized approach helps us find a mortgage product that achieves your real estate goals.

What Type of Mortgage Programs Are Available?

You’ve probably heard that to qualify for a mortgage, you’ll need stellar credit, a steady job and 20% of the home’s cost for a down payment. If those qualifications put you out of the running, don’t despair! When you work with us, you’ll have access to these options:

  • Non-QM Loan Products
    These are designed for people who don’t meet typical mortgage qualification criteria. They include a No Income Verification Loan, a Bank Statement Program, a Stated Income Loan and several others.
  • FHA Loans
    FHA Loans offer competitive interest rates, flexible terms, low down payments and loose credit score requirements. You can even apply for an FHA 203K Rehabilitation Loan to borrow extra money for repairs and renovations.
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Loans
    These conventional loans tend to close faster than their government-backed counterparts. Depending on your goals, the Fannie Mae HomeReady Program or the Freddie Mac HomePossible Program might offer more liberal qualification guidelines.
  • Jumbo Loans
    If you’re looking to finance your dream home, we can help you secure a Jumbo Loan with a reasonable down payment and attractive terms.
  • Co-op Loans
    As a NY mortgage broker, we have decades of experience with co-op loans. If you have your eye on a co-op, we’ll help you get the financing you need fast!

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