Nehi Sharma proudly serves our clients’ lending needs at MortgageDepot in her role as Mortgage Loan Originator. Throughout her lengthy career, she has maintained a consistent track record of providing excellent service to all of her customers while meeting each customer’s varied needs. Her many service positions have included Sales Associate at Zoom Wireless and Operations Director at Prepay Nation LLC. In addition to having these professional experiences and a degree in accounting, Nehi has demonstrated her leadership and interpersonal skills throughout her various positions. She is a team player with a solid track record in management.

With Nehi’s perfect combination of financial expertise, leadership abilities, and passion for customer service, she is a natural fit for her loan origination position at MortgageDepot. As your Mortgage Loan Originator, Nehi Sharma will do what it takes to help you set up a new mortgage loan that meets all of your needs, and she will also provide you with superior customer service.

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