We understand complex tax and financial structures. With in-house processing that is tailored for today’s borrower, we offer unique “makes sense” options to meet your financing needs.

We offer the following underwriting flexibility and case-by-case considerations:

Any Borrower

• DTIs of 50% and more
• No maximum number of financed properties
• Elimination PITIA debt of properties listed for sale
• Gift funds allowed on all occupancy types
• No maximum cash out limitations


• 1 year tax returns or P&Ls
• Recent self-employed or job changes
• Exclusion of NOL or onetime expenses
• Elimination of personal debts paid by business
• Business assets to be used for down payment/reserves

Wage Earner

• New contract or employment
• New trust, note or other asset income
• Boarder, Airbnb and VRBO income
• Blended ratios for non-occupant co-borrowers
• Elimination of liabilities with less than 10 months remaining



When you want enhanced program features and greater flexibility, a custom-built mortgage from MortgageDepot is the solution.

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