We at MortgageDepot are in Hiring mode. We are looking for loan processors and mortgage loan originators. Our lead gen system is bringing in leads and we are needing for loan officers to handle the leads. Here are a few reasons why you might want to work with us.

1. Fall in love with the mtg biz, again. We provide enough leads to keep you busy.

2. Make more this year than the year before, than the year before, than the year before…

3. Work with a company that eats, sleeps and breathes ways of making you a successful mortgage loan originator.

4. We provide Support NOW , closings now, fundings now, payroll now and happiness now!

5. Speak with your UW, Disagree with your UW, provide information to change your UW’s mind.

6. Offer every product available so your clients know the buck(s) stops here. We offer No Income Loans and others don’t

7. Incredible support, compliance support, pricing support and moral support.

8. Spend more time doing the things you want to do because we’ve done the things we need to do.

9. Know that all the new regulations might hurt the industry, but we won’t let them hurt your production.

10. Know you were not part of the problem but you are part of the solution.

11. Think you’re better than your competition and know that, with us, you can prove it.

12. Be so busy that realtors ask you for business.

13. Expect borrowers to invite you over for dinner after the closing.

14. Work with a company that knows a mortgage company doesn’t exist without its originators.

15. Choose whom you want to work with, and making that choice should be Simple!

Your Perks Of Keeping It Simple…

Marketing: We build your business, we provide the technology.

Flexible Comp Plan: You decide the comp plan that works best for you.

Same-Day Closings: We have all the products you need to be a successful loan originator.

Scenario Desk Help: We find solutions on tough deals, we have the engine to do so.

Customer Retention: We keep you connected to your clients.

Low Rates: Our rates keep you ahead of the game, offer the lowest rate possible and still be ahead of the game.

FHA, VA, CONV, USDA, JUMBO, No Income Check: We have all the products to be a success!!!!

Don’t think twice, Join Us, you’ll be glad you did.

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