Finding and securing a fixed rate co-op mortgage is not an easy process. Many lenders consider coop mortgages as exotic loans and do not lend as freely as they would with traditional mortgages. This can create plenty of problems for individuals who have their eye on purchasing a cooperative or refinancing an existing co-op mortgage with a lower fixed rate. If you find yourself in this dilemma, you need to contact our professional staff at MortgageDepot.

We specialize in low-interest, fixed-rate coop mortgages that allow you to refinance into an affordable loan or purchase a co-op with reasonable loan terms. Here are a couple of highlights for our fixed-rate cooperative mortgage programs:

  • 90 percent loan-to-value with a 660 minimum credit score on primary and secondary residences for both rate/term refinances and purchase transactions.
  • 80 percent loan-to-value with a 660 minimum credit score for cash out refinances on primary residences.

At MortgageDepot, we provide a range of products specifically tailored to those in need of co-op mortgages. If you live in New York, then you know the abundance of cooperatives for sale. However, it can prove quite difficult to find the financing you need. Talking with one of our professionals will give you the confidence you need to pursue the perfect fixed-rate coop mortgage financing for your purchase.

Our representatives can help you secure the mortgage you need for your co-op refinance. Use our fast quote feature by providing some basic information and what you are looking for in a co-op mortgage. We process the information within minutes and one of our mortgage experts will review your request.

MortgageDepot is a leading mortgage broker in New York. We take pride in our ability to use our vast network of lenders to find the ideal mortgage for our clients. We are experts in all mortgage loan types including cooperative mortgages

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