Foreign National – We define a foreign national borrower as someone who has a foreign passport. We only require a passport.

We do not need visas, work permits, EAD, ITIN or SS #. Our favorite program because they are quick and easy loans to underwrite and close. Funds to close can be in foreign currency, and we’ll use the current exchange rate to convert to USD. This program allows unlimited gift funds, and it is very common for our foreign national borrowers.

  • NO SOCIAL needed
  • NO ITIN needed
  • NO Green card needed
  • NO Work Visa Needed
  • NO Credit Report or FICO needed
  • All Loans NIV – No Income or Employment Verified
  • No Bank Reference Letter needed
  • Max LTV 70% – Purchase and R/T
  • Max LTV 65% – Cash Out Refi
  • Non-TRID
  • No income, verified assets(1 month only)
  • 70% purchase and rate & term/65% refi
  • We don’t lend to borrowers from OFAC countries
  • Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil are OK

If you any questions regarding our Foreign National program, please contact one of our loan consultants for more information. We are experts at this.

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