To All our Valued Customers;

We wanted to make sure you had this information handy for getting your loans cleared and scheduled to close. You do NOT need to wait until your loans are CTC ( clear to close), we can submit a request to schedule a closing once all outstanding conditions have been submitted to the underwriter for final review and in anticipation of your loan going Clear.

We need to know what date you are planning to close your loan!

1.  Submission/Doc Request Form
2.  Credit Invoice and any additional invoices you may have.
3. Updated Mortgage Payoffs good through funding
4. Insurance as applicable (Hazard, Flood, Master, H06)
5. Title Report reflecting correct loan amount and properly certified
6. 2016 Property Tax Cert

Final fees from settlement agent on HUD or CD form.

1.    NOTE:  Be sure we provide fees to the settlement agent

2.    NOTE: You will be notified when the CD ( closing disclosure) is disclosed the same way you are notified when previous disclosures went out.  We need to be sure the borrower goes through ALL the steps and E-signs the CD for the waiting period to begin.

For Purchase Loans, also provide:
1.   The effective date of the 12-month HOI policy must be in the month of closing.  (Example: Closing 1/15/16 – Policy effective date must be between 1/1/16-1/15/16.)

2.   If your purchase agreement will be dated >60 days at the time of closing OR the loan will not be closed by the “close by date” on the contract, you must provide a Purchase Agreement Addendum extending the closing date.  NOTE:  You can provide the UNSIGNED addendum as it can be signed at closing.

We will also need the exact names and spelling of borrower’s on new deed!
To find out how we can expedite your closing please contact our office for more information.

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