Proof of income is critical in the mortgage approval process. In today’s job market, employment looks different for everyone. At MortgageDepot, we know that a steady, nine-to-five job is not the only way to work, and it’s not the only path to a mortgage. We help our valued clients who have nontraditional employment situations get the funding they need to buy their dream homes.

Certain union workers are prime examples of nontraditional employees. Due to the nature of their work, some union employees have multiple employers or switch jobs frequently. Even if their income includes multiple W2 tax forms or pay stubs, these union positions are still considered stable employment.

How To Qualify

If you are a union employee who does not fit the traditional nine-to-five mold, MortgageDepot can help you qualify for a home loan or refinance. Here’s how:

  • The borrower must provide proof of stable employment using a VOE from the union.
  • Similar to traditional situations, the borrower must provide pertinent W2’s and pay stubs to prove sufficient income.
  • The borrower’s employment may include fluctuating and non-fluctuating hourly earnings.

If the borrower is between jobs at closing, MortgageDepot will collect the necessary documentation to prove income stability and submit this information to the lender.

The MortgageDepot Difference

When you work side-by-side with MortgageDepot to reach your real estate goals, you’ll appreciate our can-do attitude that prevails in the most unusual borrower situations. We embrace the differences in each of our clients and rise to the challenge of finding a mortgage product that helps them finance their dreams.

When you partner with us, you’ll receive:

  • Access to a wide selection of niche mortgage products to provide loan options in the most challenging situations.
  • A combination of modern, digitally-enabled services and time-tested methods that ensure a seamless transaction.
  • The lowest interest rates currently available, saving our clients thousands throughout their loan.
  • Personalized, one-on-one services from our experienced loan officers.

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