The MortgageDepot team takes pride in completing mortgage transactions that other lenders and brokers struggle with, and we are pleased to announce the pending of such a deal today. Recently, one of our top loan originators, Julio Guerrero, had the opportunity to assist a client with a Non-QM, No Ratio loan request. Because the applicant did not have verifiable income or a current job, the situation would have been challenging for other lenders. However, we were able to offer the applicant a 75 percent LTV loan for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. The interest rate for this two-family residence in Woodhaven, New York was competitive.

This $1.15 million property is scheduled to close soon thanks to the hard work of our team. While the loan was challenging, we did not run into any significant roadblocks along the way. We provided the client with focused attention and took time to answer his questions throughout the process. As part of the quality service that we provide, we even assisted with scanning his loan documents because he did not have that ability at home.

Julio Guerrero is a seasoned Mortgage Loan Originator at MortgageDepot with decades of professional experience to his name. He brings a friendly demeanor, great respect for our clients and a can-do attitude to the table. Do you have a challenging loan request that you need help with? At MortgageDepot, we often can sail through loan requests that others cannot do, and we are excited to learn more about your current lending needs today.

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