Marzena Potrapeluk decided to take her love for numbers and a degree in accounting and apply them to helping borrowers successfully navigate through the frequently complex process of securing mortgage financing. When she began her career as a loan officer more than two decades ago, women were a rarity in the male-dominated industry, but her knowledge, skill and commitment to her borrowers allowed her to outshine her competitors regardless of their gender.

Now, 22 years later, Marzena continues to shine with unsurpassed enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to achieve success for her borrowers. We at MortgageDepot take great pride in congratulating her for being selected by United Wholesale Mortgage as one of the top 10 loan officers in New York State.

Borrowers appreciate her knowledge of all aspects of mortgage financing and her ability to find solutions to challenges that frequently arise during the application and approval process. Her experience allows her to guide borrowers towards affordable homeownership with financing options that surpass those offered by her competitors.

MortgageDepot offers an assortment of loan products for residential and commercial financing. Contact Marzena or any of our other loan officers at for more information.

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