Finding the right multifamily loan for your investment needs can be challenging, but it is imperative that you set up an affordable loan in order to maximize your return on investment. After all, your financing will impact your monthly cash flow, how quickly your equity grows and other important factors. Multifamily loans are available for residential properties with five or more units, and we can help you to set up apartment financing that is most suitable and beneficial for your property and your unique financial situation.

Our multifamily loan programs are available for your purchase and refinancing needs, and we also offer rehab, bridge, construction and mezzanine loans for more unique circumstances. If you have plans to purchase a group of single family homes, we can even assist you with this type of loan. Through our multifamily loan programs, you will have access to the highest loan-to-values to increase your leveraging power. Our loan programs are non-recourse with up to a 30-year fixed rate term. Some of our borrowers may even qualify for a 40-year term/ amortization program. While many of our loan programs for multifamily properties require full documentation, we also offer a stated loan program with up to 75 percent LTV.

As mortgage brokers specializing in multifamily loans and other types of commercial properties, we understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all loan program that is best for all of our clients. Each client has unique goals and needs, and the property that they are buying or refinancing may also have special circumstances. We will take the time to learn more about your financing needs up-front so that we can help you to set up the right financing for you. Rest assured that we are committed to assisting you with all aspects of the loan process, and we are excited to speak with you soon about your multifamily financing needs.

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