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No Income Verification

Are you getting declined from your current lender because you don`t qualify for a Mortgage?

Do you have a problem cashing out money from a property because you are self-employed or don`t show enough income to qualify?

We have the Answer! No Income Check!

Believe it or not No Income Check Loans still exist.

We are a Top Leading Mortgage Broker that Specializes in No Income Verification Loans. Below are the highlights of this stated income program:

  • No Tax Return Required
  • No W-2`s Required
  • No Paystubs Required
  • 30% Down payment
  • 1-4 Family Including Condos
  • 65% LTV For Refinance Cash-Out
  • Loan Amounts Up to 5 Million
  • 650 Credit Score Requirement
  • 30 Year Fully Amortized Loan

Obtaining conventional financing for the purchase of a home, investment property or commercial real estate poses challenges for self-employed individuals or for people with fluctuating incomes. Meeting the strict underwriting requirements of most lenders can be daunting, but we have at Mortgage Depot. Our loan officers work with lenders that specialize in no income-verification loans with the type of flexible underwriting policies to overcome financing challenges.

How can no income-verification mortgages help our borrowers?

A paystub and tax returns is usually all it takes for most borrowers to satisfy a lender’s underwriting requirements pertaining to proof of income. Proving income can be a challenge for borrowers whose incomes come from the following sources:

• Self-employed individuals
• Investors with passive losses that offset earnings
• Individuals working on commission
• Workers with seasonal fluctuations in income

Mortgage Depot has a solution for borrowers without the documentation conventional mortgage lenders require to establish an ability to repay the debt. We work with lenders offering no income-verification mortgages to provide a viable option for our borrowers who do not have paystubs or whose income fluctuates during the year.

No income-verification loan guidelines 

The lenders we work with to provide financing to borrowers who cannot meet traditional underwriting criteria offer no income-verification mortgages to individuals and properties meeting the following guidelines:

• Up to 65% loan-to-value ratio based upon property type
• 650 minimum credit score
• 30-year fixed-rate term or 3- and 8-year adjustable rate mortgages available
• Loan amounts up to $5 million on most properties and up to $2 million on 2-4 unit residential properties
• Loans available for purchase or refinance of investment or owner occupied multi-family properties

Loans require a 30% down payment and other underwriting considerations may apply depending upon the type of property. We have experienced loan officers who specialize in no income-verification financing to provide guidance and advice to borrowers about this and other mortgage programs offered by Mortgage Depot.

Contact Mortgage Depot 

The best way to find out if a no income verification loan is the right financing choice is to speak with a Mortgage Depot loan officer.

Our Loan Consultants are  ready to answer your questions about this Stated Income Program.

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