Our W2 transcript only program is now for fico score  > 640 (to 580 by exception).  This is for wage earner borrowers and is accepted for FHA, VA, and Conventional Loans. With Unreimbursed employee expense giving borrowers a problem obtaining financing, we have implemented a W2 only program where tax returns are not required thus avoiding to show the unreimbursed employee expense deduction.

W2 only Program Details

  • Minimum Credit Score = 640 (580 by exception)
  • Employment in the construction industry is NOT allowed
  • Loans with additional rental properties are not allowed
  • All borrowers must be paid with a W2
  • No 1099s
  • No commission income borrowers
  • No self-employed borrowers
  • We offer FHA and VA as low as 580 scores
  • Down Payment Assistant programs are permitted
  • Manual Underwrites to 580 on both FHA and VA
  • Manual Underwrites max debt to income up to 40/50 with 2 FHA Compensating Factors per Mortgagee Letter 14-02
  • VA to 100% LTV cash-out
  • Approvals turn-times are at 48 hours
  • Common Sense Financing

If you need more information about our W2 only program please contact one of our loan consultants and they can give you more information about this program.

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