Real estate agents and brokers know the financing challenges faced by self-employed homebuyers and buyers whose primary income is reported on a 1099. Underwriting guidelines for traditional mortgage programs make it difficult for borrowers with excellent credit and a history of financial stability to obtain financing. MortgageDepot now offers a solution with a mortgage program designed specifically with 1099 and self-employed borrowers in mind.

The one-month bank statement program from MortgageDepot eliminates the financing roadblocks faced by many borrowers. Homebuyers with middle credit scores of at least 650 and no charge-offs, collections or tax liens have a clear path toward financing the purchase of a single-family home, condominium or townhouse.


  • Borrower must be self-employed or 1099
  • Most recent personal account bank statement
  • Income is ATTESTED to and DECLARED
  • 650 minimum middle credit score
  • 25% Down or more
  • Maximum loan amount of $5 mil
  • Reserve funds are not required
  • First time home buyers qualify. Contact us for details.


  • SFR / Condo / Townhouse Property types only
  • No charge-offs, collections or tax liens
  • Owner occupied only
  • U.S. residents only

Borrowers who are U.S. residents with attested to and declared income and have at least 25 percent to put down may borrow up to $5 million with only their most recent monthly statement from their bank for their personal account. The one-month bank statement program does not require reserve funds and is available to first-time buyers of owner-occupied properties.

The MortgageDepot one-month bank statement program presents the perfect opportunity for buyers with stable and favorable financial histories to qualify for mortgage financing. Contact your MortgageDepot account representative today by calling (800) 220-LOAN .

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