MortgageDepot prides itself on providing our clients with the very best mortgage products that we can match them with, that perfectly suits their financial needs. Boris Bast has expertly guided the purchase or refinancing of many properties in his role as a Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO) for MortgageDepot.

Recently Boris assisted a client by securing a Non-Qualifying Mortgage (Non-QM) for the purchase of a single-family residence. The challenge was in finding a mortgage for the client who had no regular employment income, and no tangible assets. By using rental income cash flow, the client was able to qualify for the Non-QM loan. Although it’s at a slightly higher interest rate of 6.00%, the client felt this was an excellent outcome considering their financial status, credit score, and other mitigating factors.

Boris is just one of the many expert mortgage loan officers at MortgageDepot that can assist you with finding the best mortgage product for your unique financial position as a potential home buyer.

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