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It is important to understand some of the complications behind VA financing if you are a veteran looking for a mortgage loan. First and foremost, the entire underwriting process is quite easy. There are minimal restrictions set forth when it comes to qualifying for a VA loan. The loan program was set up to make sure that veterans have easy access to mortgage financing after they serve their tour of duty. Nothing has changed to this point, and the complications are minimal at best.

How a VA Loan Becomes Complicated

One of the biggest myths describes a VA loan as too complicated to qualify. In actuality, nothing can be further from the truth. There are minimal guidelines when it comes to credit scores and various ratios. Conventional loans are extraordinarily complicated with multiple guidelines, but VA loans are straight forward and to the point. The process is now streamlined for VA loans, which is defined as minimal paperwork, straight forward credit reporting, and loan terms that are affordable. The only complication might relate to the amount of time served on active duty, but that particular problem is easily resolved through the Veterans Administration. There are certain rules that borrowers must follow, but those rules do not define eligibility if you are working with mortgage professionals.

Looking to MortgageDepot for Guidance

If a veteran is looking to obtain mortgage financing, then it is important to speak with a VA loan expert. We guide the borrower through the process and find terms that are quick, easy and affordable. We are able to lock in an interest rate that is unheard of with conventional loan financing. Our reputation throughout New York speaks for itself, and we will help with specific VA financing, it is the best move any veteran can make.

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