“‘Tis the season!” It’s a phrase most commonly associated with winter holidays, but there is also a season where homes are being built, bought and sold at a rapid pace. That season is now, and it’s the perfect time to connect with the team at MortgageDepot and take advantage of our complete in-house product line.

On the practical side, maybe it’s the fact that homeowners have been cooped up all winter and are looking for a change during better weather. Maybe it’s the low rates and relaxation of borrowing restrictions. More likely, it is the fact that putting a home up for sale in the spring fits best with the school calendar.

Then there’s the business side. According to AskingPrice.com, home mortgage rates are at a 6-month low. The price growth of homes is finally slowing. And most housing markets have recovered. Combined, all of these factors result in more optimism from the buying public and more potential buyers looking to their local mortgage broker for help.

Whatever the reason, MortgageDepot is ready to help you take on the mortgage rush starting today! We provide our mortgage loan originators everything they need to run their operation efficiently, without having to sweat the small (or big) stuff.

“I know it may sound cliché, but we really do provide our borrowers with an unprecedented level of services,” says sales manager Joe Reilly. “Great rates are certainly key to putting a new house key into customers’ hands. But rates are just the beginning. We have loans for virtually every kind of structure, tailor made for every type of customer. Either it’s a no income verification mortgage or a non-warrantable condo loan we have an array of loan products that will fit any situation.

Our team takes pride in our 48-hour underwriting turnaround time, and we offer our staff support that they need to get you off on the right track. The bottom line…if you’re a MortgageDepot customer, we will NOT let you fail.

Our support is just as strong online as it is in person, which is helpful in the fast paced environment we’re living in.

If you want to take advantage of our knowledge and support, we encourage you to give us a call and learn in more detail how working with us can make a difference.

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