We know that many high net worth borrowers with proven credit and financial stability may still have issues qualifying under traditional underwriting guidelines. Fortunately, our asset utilization program allows borrowers to derive an income stream from their assets to qualify for a mortgage. We consider the borrower’s total portfolio of assets to qualify for a mortgage, and this is what we call the Asset Utilization loan program.

Features :

  • FICO 660
  • LTV 80%
  • 50% max DTI
  • 100% of checking, savings, and money market accounts
  • 90% of the remaining value of public traded stocks & bonds
  • 70% of retirement assets
  • 6-month seasoning of assets required
  • All eligible assets divided by 100 = monthly income
  • Must have the lesser of (a) 1.5 times the loan balance or (b) $1m in qualified assets

If you are self-employed and are considering refinancing or purchasing a property, then you need to contact one of our loan consultants and get a free consultation on the asset utilization program.

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