In most areas of the country, the upper loan limit for the Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae programs is $417,000. The specific maximum loan amount may be higher in Alaska, Hawaii and select counties in other states. What can you do if you need a larger loan that exceeds the limit for Fannie May and Freddie Mac loans? Some people will make a larger down payment so that their loan amount falls below the threshold. Others will apply for a jumbo loan. Another option is to max out the conforming loan limit and to apply for a second mortgage to cover the difference.

What to Expect from Your Next Jumbo Loan
Before deciding how to proceed with your loan request, you need to understand what a jumbo loan is. Generally, a jumbo loan will stand apart from a conforming loan in several key areas. Some of these are:

  • A larger down payment requirement
  • A higher interest rate
  • Different minimum credit score requirements

Primary Features of a Jumbo Loan with a Lower Credit Score
Obtaining a conforming loan with a lower credit score is relatively easy to do, but strict lending guidelines for jumbo loans often make it more difficult to get a jumbo loan with a credit score down to 660. Depending on the lender, however, you may still get approved for a jumbo loan with a 660 credit score. Often, the lender may follow other guidelines to compensate for the lower credit score. For example, requirements to compensate for a lower credit score could include:

  • An even larger down payment
  • A lower debt-to-income ratio
  • An even higher interest rate

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